Company Overview

Zamin is an independent global mining company with a world class portfolio of iron ore assets in South America. Our aim is to become a leading producer of high quality iron ore products for the global steel industry.

Since 2008, we have identified and developed resources in highly prospective areas in South America that have previously received little inward investment. We have a proven track record of partnering with regional and national governments to develop assets and infrastructure and logistics solutions. Zamin's landmark iron ore development project is the Valentines project in Uruguay which has completed an 18Mtpa feasibility study with 2.5Bnt of JORC compliant resources and 3-5Bnt total potential resources.

The acquisition in 2013 of the Amapá mine system in the northern part of Brazil added to Zamin's production capability with 6Mt of iron ore produced in 2012. The project has further growth potential with 267Mt of JORC compliant resources and total potential resources of 1-1.4Bnt. Other major iron ore projects include Greystone, Zamapa and Susa in Brazil with potential resources of over 1.4Bnt.

Zamin has offices in São Paulo (Brazil), Montevideo (Uruguay), and Dubai (UAE) and representative offices in London (UK) and Zug (Switzerland).